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Occupational Health and Safety

Policy and Objectives

AVK GUMMI is an attractive place of work with a good working environment. We show consideration for the safety and job satisfaction of the employees for which reason production takes place under conditions where preventive measures are taken in order to continuously reduce the impacts on the working environment.

The reputation and authority of the safety committee in the organization are emphasized in all matters concerning safety.  Continuous systematic work place evaluations are carried out. As a minimum, these evaluations must comply with the requirements of the Danish Working Environment Authority.

It is a matter of course for AVK GUMMI to be at the forefront of development and to ensure that all actions are in compliance with both national and international health and safety legislation.

The management system of AVK GUMMI supports the determined policies and relevant health and safety legislation as well as the requirements set out in OHSAS 18001.

Furthermore, the management system is improved on an ongoing

basis, which makes it an efficient and easily comprehensible health and safety management tool with explicit guidelines for all employees.

The health and safety performance of AVK GUMMI is improved through the fact that it is the duty and responsibility of all employees to:

  • Reduce the risk of accidents by reporting and registering all accidents and potential accidents
  • Seek to reduce the number of accidents through various precautionary measures and analysis
  • Consider the health and safety conditions when choosing new equipment and designing new work stations
  • Improve the existing working environment whenever this is technically and financially possible
  • Inform and educate all employees so that each and every employee may react in the best possible way in case of an accident or emergency
  • To respect all legislation and regulatory requirements