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Drinking Water Approved Rubber Compounds

For more than 30 years AVK GUMMI has manufactured components for use in drinking water supplies. Our experience in this field derives from many years of close co-operation with leading manufacturers of fittings, valves and pumps. The R&D department of AVK GUMMI uses this knowledge to develop rubber compounds with continuously improved properties.


The following factors are of decisive importance for a rubber sealing when used in connection with drinking water: 

  • Fulfilment of approvals and regulations 
  • Minimum permanent deformation, which ensures leaktight gaskets
  • Resistance to chemical processes used for water treatment, such as ozonation, chlorination and chloramination
  • Taste and smell neutrality
  • Change of volume of rubber in water
  • Wear resistance, friction etc.



AVK GUMMI also serves other water related industries such as

  • District heating
  • Sewage
  • Waste water treatment

AVK GUMMI co-operates with leading manufacturers of valves and fittings for district heating supplies. Here, there are different demands, but especially reliable sealings, optimum function, a long lifetime and temperature resistance are important factors. Resistance to inhibitors and friction lowering chemicals that are added to district heating water is needed.