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Quality Policy and Objectives

We wish to maintain our position as a qualitative market leader since quality is an important competitive factor within the segments in which we operate.

We achieve this by working in close cooperation with our customers and by treating all customer inquiries in a fast and efficient manner. This is seen as a way of extending and improving the quality of our services.

At AVK GUMMI we have a proactive dialogue with our customers and partners. At regular intervals, we carry out customer satisfaction surveys in order to ensure ongoing improvements in all areas. Focus areas are determined within each individual process area and evaluated in the Q&M steering committee.

The management system of AVK GUMMI supports the determined policies as well as the requirements set out in IATF 16949 and ISO 9001. The management system is adjusted in accordance with organisational changes at regular intervals.

Furthermore, the management system is improved on an ongoing




basis, which makes it an efficient and easily comprehensible management tool with explicit guidelines for all employees. It is important that all employees are familiar with and understand the quality policy of AVK GUMMI. Therefore, internal surveys are carried out in order to measure the level of understanding amongst our employees and to ensure ongoing improvements. 

Together with visible management and employee involvement, decision based facts form the foundation for our ongoing improvements and documentation of products and processes. All in all, this helps us ensure our competitive position and helps our customers make their products more competitive.

In order to fulfill the above, AVK GUMMI always seeks to recruit employees with motivation, insight and understanding of quality and product/productivity development. The employees are further educated through training and relevant education.

We choose our suppliers with great care as they are important cooperative partners in relation to the entire quality management chain.